About us

Whiskey Pines is an acoustic collective of top tier musicians and the brainchild of Tim Stelmat. The band was created in 2012 after Tim left a mildly successful country trio and began playing shows alongside his then partner, Ashley. The name is a take on each member’s background. Whiskey represented Ashley’s home state of Tennessee, and Pines, for Tim’s home state of North Carolina. In the first year alone they played over 100 shows.

In the earlier years Whiskey Pines had a special invitational policy; if you could seriously play your instrument, Tim would invite you to sit in at a few shows. You never knew how many musicians would be there. The only common denominator at a show in the first few years was Ashley and Tim. He was the driving force behind the band with his machine like timing and jazzy slap strumming technique.  She was the harmonies that lead the vocal dynamics. You might also see a banjo, mandolin, harmonica, piano, or bass at any given show.

In 2015 Ashley left Whiskey Pines to pursue her own career in music. The lineup had naturally solidified itself over the last year prior to her departure. Bobby Hancock would fill in on second vocals, harmonica, bass, and acoustic guitar; which has defined the current Whiskey Pines sound.

We can be best described as acoustic rock with a touch of folk and classic rock licks. Tim’s perfect cadence and aforementioned jazzy slap strumming technique create a groove anyone can move to.  Bobby’s searing harmonica riffs and acoustic leads round off the tone sonically. There is a little something for everyone to enjoy. We cover music from the 60’s to today with our own acoustic spin, including several medleys to keep the energy going, and less downtime between songs.

Whiskey Pines are currently playing 150 or more shows per year at clubs, private parties, restaurants, bars, theme parks, festivals, and special events. Our success this far has been accredited to our professionalism and commitment to our craft.